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crackling paint in an old home

Lead Poisoning

Childhood lead poisoning can:

  • Damage the brain and nervous system.
  • Slow growth and development.
  • Make it hard to learn.
  • Impair hearing and speech.Cause behavior problems.


Children can develop lead poisoning by swallowing substances or items that contain lead or by breathing in lead dust. Sources of lead exposure include:

  • Chipping or peeling paint in homes built before 1978.
  • Water from lead pipes and pipes with lead solder.
  • Some imported jewelry, makeup, spices, toys, and candies.
  • Some hobbies and jobs of parents and caregivers.


The harm done by lead may never go away. However, if lead poisoning is caught early, the effects can be reduced by eliminating the lead exposure or through medical treatment.

Ask your doctor about getting your child tested for lead poisoning.


Our Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Our free Lead Poisoning Prevention Program works with the families of children six years old and younger who have been diagnosed with an elevated blood lead level of 3.5 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL) or higher.

Our team:

  • Conducts home visits to identify possible sources of lead.
  • Provides recommendations on how to eliminate sources of lead.
  • Offers education on foods that help remove lead from the body.


To contact the program, send an email to and put “Lead Prevention Program” in the subject line.