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Filing a Complaint Against a Food Service Operation

To file a complaint about unsafe food handling against a restaurant, food truck, festival vendor, pop-up vendor, coffee shop, bar/lounge, caterer, or other food service operation, click here or call (404) 508-7900.

Be prepared to provide:

  • Your name, address and phone number*
  • Name of operation
  • Location/address of operation
  • Date of incident
  • Description of what you observed


*You will remain anonymous to the food service operation.

If you suspect that you became ill from this incident, contact us immediately at (404) 508-7900. You will need to provide:

  • Information on the suspect food
  • A description of your symptoms and when they began
  • A 3-day food consumption history


Click here for information on foodborne illness.

Note: We do not investigate customer service complaints (such as rude staff or slow service) or food quality complaints (such as disliking the taste or food being overcooked). Report these incidents to the manager or corporate office.

To file a complaint against a grocery store, convenience store, food processing facility, or warehouse in DeKalb County, contact: