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Rabies Control

Our Rabies Control Program enforces home quarantines for cats and dogs, locates persons exposed to rabid animals, and alerts the public of rabies outbreaks.

Rabies is a serious disease that is caused by a virus. Any mammal can get rabies. Rabies is spread through saliva, usually from the bite of an infected animal. Vaccinating animals can prevent rabies.

To prevent rabies, it is important to: 
  • Vaccinate your dogs, cats, and ferrets.
  • Keep your pets under supervision.
  • Avoid handling strays and wild animals.

If an animal bites you, immediately call the Board of Health at (404) 294-3700.


Call DeKalb County Animal Enforcement Services at 404-294-2996 if:
  • A stray or wild animal is acting strangely.
  • Someone’s pet, a stray or a wild animal bites your pet.


A pet that has bitten a person or another animal must be quarantined. Also, a pet that may have been exposed to a rabid animal must be quarantined. Pets that are up to date on their rabies vaccine may qualify to quarantine at home.

For more information, call

(404) 508-7900


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