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Board of Health, CORE Partner to Expand Vaccination Efforts to Vulnerable High-Risk Communities in DeKalb

DECATUR, Ga. – The DeKalb County Board of Health continues to make progress, as it works to ensure all communities in Dekalb County can access the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Board of Health recently expanded its partnership with CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) to provide COVID-19 vaccine in vulnerable communities in DeKalb County.

The expanded vaccination partnership with CORE focuses on working with smaller faith-based communities and community partners in DeKalb County. The scope of the Board of Health’s original CORE focused on reaching immigrants and refugees with COVID-19 testing in the City of Clarkston and surrounding neighborhoods.

“We welcome CORE’s assistance with our COVID-19 vaccination efforts here in DeKalb County,” said Interim District Health Director Sandra J. Valenciano, M.D., M.P.H. “To bring COVID-19 under control, access to vaccine is critical, especially in our medically vulnerable communities.”

“The partnership with DeKalb County Board of Health is essential to CORE’s efforts to prioritize access and equity. CORE strives to make vaccines as easy as possible to as many people as possible. By engaging community partners, leaders, and faith-based organizations CORE can continue to make an impact by helping vulnerable and marginalized communities,” said Georgia Area Director Margaret Herro.

Vaccine is free and pre-registration is mandatory. For a weekly schedule and to register for COVID-19 vaccination at these community sites, visit