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International Travel Profile: Meet Mr. Crabbe; Destination. . . .South Sudan!!

Meet Stephen Crabbe who is an avid surfer and originally from Southern California.

He also travels internationally every year or two. His trips have included visits to Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico (where he did his thesis research).

Stephen visited the T.O Vinson Health Center’s Travel Clinic recently to get vaccinated for his trip to visit Africa, the South Sudan. He will be in Africa for two years working on a health project called the Guinea Worm Disease Eradication Program.

Guinea worm disease is a parasitic worm infection that occurs mainly in Africa. It is also called dracunculiasis [dra-KUNK-you-LIE-uh-sis]. Mr. Crabbe is working to help eradicate the parasite and to educate people about ways to avoid infection.

Stephen is a recent MPH graduate of the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and his study was in International Health.

He found out about the Board of Health’s Travel Clinic when he first began his travels and needed affordable travel shots. The BOH was the only place where he could obtain them because he does not have health insurance and he needed a low-cost place to get quality care and vaccinations.

He found his visit to the BOH helpful.  He was provided with information and education materials regarding vaccination requirements for the specific country that he was visiting as well as medication options. He felt that the services that he received at the Travel Clinic were comprehensive,  and he plans to return again if he needs new or updated shots. He has recommended the Travel Clinic at the T. O Vinson Health Center to his friends.  In fact, his roommate visited the clinic the following week.

If you have visited the T.O. Vinson Health Center’s Travel Clinic and you are planning an international trip, please share your story with us.  You can write to us at Terri James, Marketing and Business Development, DeKalb County Board of Health,